Studio Director


Hannah Gillette, your studio director was born and raised in Perth and is now the lucky owner of Bikram Yoga Victoria Park.

Hannah initially began her yoga journey in 2009 at a Bikram Yoga studio here in Perth and it has been with her ever since. Hannah has always been an active person and was surprised at how challenging the Bikram Yoga series was.

“I love this Yoga and have a great deal of passion for it. This yoga keeps me calm in my every day life, gives me focus and helps to keep me level headed when things get stressful. I’m a happier person for doing this yoga, it gives me peace and relaxation that I have never been able to find from anything else.

I used to suffer from regular headaches which have disappeared since practicing Bikram yoga and my health has never been better. I’m more flexible, I have noticed improved muscle toning, improved balance and so much more. This yoga doesn’t end after the 90 minute class, it stays with you throughout your day. It amazes me, the benefits that I’m still receiving from Bikram yoga.

I love teaching this yoga to people as I believe it can heal, re-align, relax, keep you happy, healthy, calm and peaceful.”

Hannah has been teaching Bikram Yoga since 2011 after completing the Teacher Training in Los Angeles, which only deepened her love for the yoga even more. Hannah has seen the effects that this yoga has had on her students, be it mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

“I have seen this yoga change peoples lives. Students come to yoga for many different reasons and it is so rewarding to see their journey.”

Hannah continues to teach and practice Bikram yoga and will do so for life.