Studio Director


Karen Then, your Studio Director has always had a strong interest in yoga and been an enthusiastic and passionate yogini and practitioner in all styles of yoga for a decade before she discovered Bikram Yoga in 2004 whilst she was working in Sydney, NSW Australia.

Back then, she was still working extensively long hours in the corporate world as a Corporate Tax Manager in a US multinational corporation. She had chronic back and neck pain that never really went away due to long hours at the office and a car accident that happened in 2000. Although she was passionate about her job, she discovered very quickly a new-found passion in the practice of Bikram yoga. The back and neck pain eventually disappeared with regular bikram yoga practice and never came back. Before discovering Bikram Yoga, Karen also had an overactive thyroid which was treated with radioactive iodine treatment in 2002. Since then, aside from taking her very low dosage of thyroid hormone, she credits her practice of yoga in enabling her thyroid gland to be regulated and symptoms to be kept at bay

Karen is a Yoga Australia accredited teacher, certified Bikram Teacher, Kids and Power Vinyasa teacher. She embarked on a life changing journey studying and learning from prominent teachers around the world. Karen completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 in USA and continues to grow as a student and teacher.

Karen is passionately involved in bringing together yogis and yoginis for yoga related community events to make a difference for charitable causes and also strengthen the bonds within the close-knit Perth yoga community. She was also the Lululemon Perth City Store 2012 Ambassador & Yoga Aid Challenge Perth 2012 Ambassador.